Sunday, May 3, 2009

Educell : Mentoring towards Success - Mentoring by IIT students, Test Series, Study material, JEE toppers help you out !

Our new website is finally up! Educell is a mentorship firm started by current IIT students from all across India, aimed at providing you the "just right" guidance from the start, with a unique personal mentorship program from IIT students themselves to make sure you are always on the right track, a home-made test series for those fed up with the same questions in every test paper, study notes from JEE toppers themselves, and our very own magazines and CDs to keep you motivated and well informed all the time !

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mentoring scheme

Mentoring Programme

The basic objective of our mentoring programme is to make the students feel as if their own elder brothers are guiding them towards success in IITJEE.

The mentoring programme has been designed in such a way that you are advised in the best possible manner during your preparation.All our mentors are JEE qualifiers .Having proved themselves in the JEE arena and thus counted among the best minds in the country,they certainly have the expertise and are competent enough to give the right guidance to the students.They are presided over by an advisory board consisting only of the top 50 rank-holders with AIR 2,3,4,5,8,9,10 at the helm of affairs.

This programme assures that you get personal attention and specific replies to your individual queries.Each student will be assigned 1 mentors with one of them being the Head mentor.Even the most trivial doubts will be entertained ranging from subject oriented to lack of motivation or distraction etc.

Besides this the mentors will be frequently sending you hints and tips for various topics,thus ensuring that there are no hindrances in your preparation.To keep you inspired and focussed at all times,success stories of IITians will also be made available.The issue of time management also needs to be addressed where success in JEE is concerned.The mentors shall assist the students in charting an efficient timetable with minimum wastage of time.Besides this,snippets and tips on how to study a particular topic and various mnemonics for memory based topics will definitely be of great help to the students.

We believe that this process should not stop at the JEE itself but you can even consult the mentors even during your counselling period.They can offer valuable inputs and guide you to take the most suitable branch in the best IIT possible, so that after joining you do not regret your decision.You should not feel,even for once, that you made the wrong choice.

In a nutshell,Our programme will steer you towards the esteemed IITs in the smoothest possible way.

Paper setting strategies

Paper Setting Strategy

Studying for JEE and appearing for the exam are two different things.As far as JEE is concerned,subject knowledge alone is not sufficient.You should be able to apply whatever you have studied and obtain results.Our aim is to make you well versed in problem solving so that you can tackle any situation in the examination calmly and avoid silly mistakes.By continuosly encountering challenging and innovative problems,you will gain confidence and develop a sound temperament which will go down a long way in optimising your performance in JEE.

Educell has a dedicated research cell for setting and reviewing of test papers. The team is composed of the top rankers of IITJEE as well as highly experienced senior teachers.They have analysed and reviewed the previous year's papers thoroughly and have set their own test papers keeping in mind the previous trends and chapter-wise weightage.We have included problems ranging from simple to moderate to tough,thereby giving you sufficient practice We have ensured comprehensive coverage of the entire JEE syllabus.The papers have been designed to test both your concepts and presence of mind during the examination.

You will also be provided with detailed solutions of the question papers.We shall provide you with all possible approaches of solving each and every question,highlighting the shortest and quickest solution.In some difficult and lengthy questions we shall have hints and tips from top rankers about how they would tackle that problem.All the question papers and solutions shall be reviewed by an editing team which will ensure that the language of the problems is simple and easy to understand.Special objective techniques to improve speed and mnemonics for memory based problems will also be mentioned in the solutions.

All in all,our test papers will serve as dozens of JEE's before the actual JEE.

With Best Wishes

Start early

Benefit of Joining Early

Serious students aspiring for success with a good rank in the IITs understand the importance of starting early in their preparation for IIT-JEE. As the JEE becomes more competitive,it is necessary to build a strong fundamentals base, as early as possible. educell early edge programs are designed to give serious students that extra advantage that can help them get a top rank in IIT-JEE.Some of the reasons for starting early are:
* Proper mentoring from starting.
* Gives you more time to adopt to the quantum jump in level of difficulty with better ease as there is more time for understanding and consolidation over a longer spread academic plan.

* Optimum utilization of time available.

* Early starters will always have more time before the actual Board & Engineering Entrance Exams as their course curriculum will finish much before the others.

* More time to consolidate on one's performance and for self revision, polishing of examination temperament & removal of last moment doubts. This is very vital to help a student achieve a quantum jump in the IIT-JEE rank.

* As serious aspirants never would like to wait, the competence of the batch starting early would be very high as the brightest/serious of the lot will join at this stage thus giving you that better competition you always wanted.

R & D cell

Research Team

We have a competent and hardworking Research team,working relentlessly to prepare extensive and thorough study material for the students.Our team consists primarily of experienced teachers assisted by the top 500 rankers in JEE and headed by advisory board comprising the top 50 rankers in JEE.These able hands will be reviewing the past JEE papers and prepare topic wise study material in accordance with that particular topic's weightage in JEE.

We have taken full care that our questions cover each and every concept involved.Emphasis will be laid on strengthening of the basic concepts rather than rote learning as JEE tests the analytical ability and understanding of the students.A stupendous array of well graded problems,relevant to the current JEE pattern will be made available to the students.Apart from our own innovative and original,we also have browsed through the best books-both Indian and foreign and choosed with full care,the most suitable and vivid problems from those books and incorporated them into our study material.

We will be sending different types of test papers-both part tests covering only some topics and full tests covering the entire JEE syllabus.Our test papers will be totally in line with the current JEE pattern.We will also be sending the complete solutions to those papers,with hints and tips to facilitate quicker and accurate problem solving.The concepts involved in solving tougher problems will also be mentioned.The topics of 11th and 12th will be dealt with separately and in proportion with their weightage in erstwhile JEE's.

A well designed system matched with original & inline study material ensures a strong, unified commitment towards excellence.Based on our teaching skills,high standards and a unique technique of training scholars for JEE,we assure that your future is definitely in able hands.

Wishing you all the very best and success in your endeavor..

MDs message

Dear friends
When i had been selected for admission into IIT after clearing JEE,I was very happy as after two years of hardwork I had finally realized my dream.But during preparation I used to be very confused about how to study,how to use my time efficiently and whom to discuss my problems with, as I didn't know any IITian.I realized that if I had an elder brother who was an IITian I wouldn't have wasted my time worrying about these issues.

After coming to IIT , I realised that many of my classmates also faced the same problem and they said that they could have got a better rank if there was someone to guide them.So I decided that there should be some way in which we can help the JEE aspirants by giving them proper mentoring and guidance.

With this issue in mind we have conceptualised and started this unique "MENTORING" programme. Present IITians who secured good ranks in previous years will mentor you.They are headed by an advisory board consisting of top 50 rankers.They shall guide, motivate and mentor you in how to study for IIT.Our basic objective is that you should feel as if you are being guided by your own elder brother.They shall advice you regarding the way to study . With their guidance you can avoid the major mistakes could possibly be made by anybody in the exam because each mistake in the final exam is irreparable. You can talk,e-mail and chat with them over any problem you like. You can discuss any problem related to your studies or other things with them.

One more thing I realized was that after clearing IITJEE and getting selected I had no idea which branch to take and at what IIT, to give preference to branch or reputation of that IIT. However as luck would have it I am satisfied with my branch and the choice of IIT. However there are many who realised their mistake after it was too late.So the mentors shall also be there to help you in deciding your course based on your aptitude and inclination towards the concerned department after you get selected in IIT.

We take utmost care in selecting the mentors and ensure that they are able enough to guide and motivate you.

Shreyansh Jain

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Directors message

Dear Students

"All your dreams can come true....if you have the courage to pursue them"
-Walt Disney
With this motto he went on to achieve his dream and immortalize his name all around the world.The fact that you have chosen IITJEE shows you can dream big.The next thing is following your dream.Getting in IIT gives a person a deep sense of satisfaction and pride at having passed the most difficult competitive examination at the 10+2 level.IITians stand out as innovators,thinkers and as people with passion,energy and unlimited success.The successes of the alumni of IIT speak for themselves with no field in which they have not excelled.

Your dream will come true only when your name appears on the merit list of successful candidates of IITJEE.You have probably heard it a lot of times but I would like to emphaqsise that JEE has a sucess rate of aroung 2.5%(2.78% for IITJEE 2008).With such a meagre success rate it is important that you have the right people to guide you.

We at educell strongly believe that we need to impart direction along with your subject knowledge.The people who provide the direction and mentoring at educell are the best people.The team includes more than half of the top 50 rankers of JEE 2008.With such able mentors you would be getting the best advice one can get.With they themselves having topped IITJEE they would surely be able to help you avoid the common mistakes made by the students preparing for JEE.We believe that students need a person they can talk to about any aspect of their studies without fear.Our aim is to fulfill this really important and neglected need of students.Our team shall always ensure that you stay motivated and study in the right direction.With your hardwork and our direction there is nothing which will come in the way of your dream.

I on behalf of educell welcpme you to our fold and promise you that we shall leave no stone unturned to ensure your success.

Dr. B C Jain